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NYC Customers Know Solar Shades Window Treatments Are the Best

The placement of a window treatment is a personal decision for a customer that represents a good outlay of money and time. The selection of materials, the planning of the room to make sure everything fits well together - it can all take some time to completely pull together, and we fully realize that. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to making sure that our NY and NJ customers always feel completely comfortable with the level of service that we offer. We advise on all matters relating to home improvement, and we won’t rest until you feel satisfied. A solar shade can help you dictate your home’s temperatures and light intake, leaving a more comfortable space for you and your family. Give us a call today, and let us discuss further why solar shades are the right fit for all of our NY, NJ, and NYC customers.

Solar shades do not just help you control the light and temperature of your home. Additionally, they can improve the energy efficiency of your house, which helps the environment and your wallet all at once. Solar shades also come in a variety of transparencies, which gives you the chance to help increase your home’s efficiency without sacrificing the view or anything else. Or, perhaps you are looking for increased privacy and want something less transparent - we can help with that too. That’s a common request in the larger cities around NY and NJ, especially NYC, and we find that our customers enjoy the chance to have a bit more privacy in urban environments. Our plans can work for any goal and for any customer, so call us today at 646-971-1741 and talk to our customer service pros about how we can be of service to you and your family.

We handle all number of window treatments for our customers. Want to just try a solar shade for one window, to see how you like it? We can accommodate that, after advising you on sizing, cost, and options. Looking to replace every shade and drape in your new home with solar shades? We can easily help you with that too, and we can do it on the cheap too.

We have existing relationships with suppliers and manufacturers that give you the chance to shop for less, thanks to our buying in bulk. We pay wholesale prices, and then pass the savings along to our valued NY and NJ customers. If you’ve been thinking about getting a solar shade or two in your home or office, but the potential cost has been the sticking point for you, then you’re in luck with Solar Shades NY. Call us today and find out more about why we’re the NJ/NJ area’s most trusted name in solar shades and other window treatments.

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