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See Unbelievable Deals on Solar Shades in NYC, New York, and NJ

If you’re looking to get your feet wet in the world of solar shades, look no further than the NY/NJ area’s top provider - Solar Shades NY. Our NYC customers swear by our quality and our options, and we are eager to help you as well. We have a variety of colors and shades for you to choose from. Even better, we have the customer service staff who can help you work through all of these options and settle on the best course of action for your home or office. We have shades that are virtually see-through, but still cut down on glare. We also have thicker shades that can offer more privacy, and designer shades that add a touch of class and beauty to any home. Enjoy a modern, sleek look that will get your guests and friends talking - call us today, and see how we can serve your home’s needs today.

The solar shades that you find on the internet can look great on paper, but without speaking to a sales associate, how can you really know the level of quality and service that you’re getting? That’s where the Solar Shades NY difference comes in - we can get you working with the sales teams that can advise on everything you need to know, and make sure that you’re making an informed decision. Blocking glare is a way to reduce annoyance with electronic devices and other screens, and solar shades can also help reduce the amount of potentially harmful UV rays that your family can be exposed to. It’s really a common home improvement for many of our NY and NJ customers - they want to have a window shade that lets them dictate the amount of light and air that enters their home, but common window treatments aren’t always what they want. Solar shades are an exciting development that can give better options for customers.

Solar shades are a development that give homeowners freedom and flexibility. We are proud to be the NY/NJ area’s premium supplier on these items, and we are even happier to do it all for a fair price. We like to think that we’re giving our NYC neighbors a fair deal on our products, and we can follow through on this via personal relationships on our suppliers. Passing on deals like that is what helps us keep our status as New York and New Jersey’s top window treatment provider, so we are proud to stake our reputation on this. Give us a call today at 646-971-1741, and discover why our customer service team is the best in the business. We can help anybody with their new or existing window needs, so look to Solar Shades NY for your wants and needs.

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